Walking the English Coast: a guide

john-on-norfolk-coastHave you ever wanted to set off on a great walking adventure?
Do you dream of turning seaside rambles into something more ambitious?
If so, this is the book for you.

Walking the English Coast: A Beginner’s Guide

Front cover,600Walking the English Coast: A Beginner’s Guide is a 246 page paperback book, beautifully illustrated with colour photographs and diagrams, and divided into sections for easy reference.

I’ll show you how to plan your very own walking adventure – covering everything you need to know from how to read maps and interpret signs, to what (not) to carry, and even how to avoid the dreaded blisters.

This book will tell you everything you need to know about walking the coast of England – the easy way!

 ‘If I can turn from a couch potato into an experienced coastal walker, anybody can.’ 

Packed with practical tips and laced with anecdotes, this book will inspire you to get up, get out and get walking.

Buy it NOW! from Amazon.co.uk and also  available on Amazon.com

Or look for my name in the resellers list,  and buy a reduced price and signed copy, while I still have some in stock.

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4 Responses to Walking the English Coast: a guide

  1. Wingclipped says:

    Many congratulations on the new book, Ruth! I’m guessing the photos are going to be yours as well as the words – what a fantastic idea!

  2. Hi Nic, yes, all the photographs are mine. I even persuaded one of my daughters to pose for a sequence illustrating stretching exercises! My hubby features too, although he is more an example of what NOT to wear on a walk 😀 Glad to see you’re back on the coast too.

  3. Chris Elliott says:

    Well done on publishing your first (?) book on your walk. Hopefully it will encourage more people to enjoy our fabulous countryside.

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