I was disappointed during my walk through the New Forest area of Hampshire because access to the coast was prevented by private property. But I did enjoy my short stroll along the sea wall at Lepe, which is just to the east of the mouth of the Beaulieu River. And when I saw this amazing house, perched on the water’s edge, I wanted to live there. I felt this was just the place for a writer or an artist to live.

Sea walk, Lepe, Ruth walking round the coast in Hampshire. So I asked my ‘artist in residence’ to paint a picture of this scene, from my photo. And here it is, with two figures who could be….?

Hampshire walk - Lepe Beach - Ruth's artist in Residence.

House on the edge of the sea, Lepe Beach, painted by Tim Baynes.

To see more of Tim Baynes’ work, please visit Tim’s website or his blog Random Creativity.

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