Tenby, Wales

I asked my artist in residence, Tim Baynes to produce a painting of the harbour at Tenby. He managed to take my rather drab photograph, shot in the dim light of a dull evening, and turn it into a vibrant portrait of this pretty little town.

Tenby painting by Tim Baynes, Ruth's coastal walk

Here is the photograph on which the painting was based.

Tenby harbour, Ruth hiking round the coast of Wales

You can read my description of the walk into Tenby here: Amroth to Tenby

To see more of Tim Baynes’ excellent work, please visit Tim’s website or his blog Random Creativity.

4 Responses to Tenby, Wales

  1. Alison bates says:

    I love Tenby and the drawing totally capture my memories of happy times spent down the harbour with my children so wonder if there are copies for sale.

    • Hi Alison, I don’t think he has made any copies, as he sends me the originals in batches from time to time. He’s very good at capturing a sense of place.

      • Alison bates says:

        I looked on his site may be I’ll look him up once we can travel more than 5miles. Does he have a studio or shop that we can visit I just love his style of drawing.

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