Nash Point, Wales

I sent my artist in residence, Tim Baynes a photograph of the cliffs at Nash Point.
Here is the painting he produced. I particularly like the fact he has added words across the sky.

Nash Point lighthouse, Ruth Livingstone

And here is the photograph on which the painting was based.

Nash Point, Wales Coast Path, Ruth Livingstone

You can read my description of the walk along the Wales Coast Path

To see more of Tim Baynes’ work, please visit Tim’s website or his blog Random Creativity.

2 Responses to Nash Point, Wales

  1. julianne williams says:

    I love the paintings your artist in residence has completed of Pembrokeshire does he sell prints of these please?

    • Hi Julianne, no Tim doesn’t sell prints of the paintings he does for me, and he sent me all the originals too. He does have a gallery website at
      If you have some decent photos of the area, it might be possible to commission him to do a painting from a photograph, but you would need to ask him. Best wishes.

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