Snettisham Beach protest walk















9 Responses to Snettisham Beach protest walk

  1. richardsonlilian says:

    Amazing support today for this footpath

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  3. jcombe says:

    You’ve not put any text but I assume this is an attempt to get this path recognised as a public right of way? I walked this part of the coast last year. I remember those signs, so I went along the beach (it was low tide) for most of the way, although did have to walk along the wall for a brief section.

  4. richardsonlilian says:

    Yes you are correct, this mass walk was to show how important this footpath is to everyone. We are at public inquiry in a few weeks to get this registered as a PRoW. A few objectors some beach chalet owners, the sailing club and a caravan site owner.
    We were amazed at the public response to this mass walk. Everyone felt they were ‘doing their bit’.

  5. owdjockey says:

    Perhaps it needs mentioning that the protest was successful and the path became a Right of Way.

    I did check the Ramblers Association news archives for any statement re: the successful protest, but could not find one. Perhaps, they felt piqued by the success of the protest that they themselves did not support? I suppose they do do some good work, but I cannot say I have had or want any dealings with them.

    • Lilian Richardson says:

      Yes this was a very successful protest walk with 1,000 + people showing their support and the footpath was duly registered as footpath 35 Snettisham Beach Norfolk. Ramblers Association did attend the public inquiry and spoke in support following the size of this protest walk. It was an amazing achievement by all concerned. I hope many many people enjoy their freedom to walk this lovely footpath

      • Yes. I apologise for never getting round to adding text to this page! Put the photos up here for Lilian, who has explained what happened. I didn’t attend the anniversary walk, but was there at the original protest and at the public enquiry.
        I did write up the experience and pitched the story to the Ramblers’ magazine, Walk, but they never replied to me. Shame. It was a good illustration of people power!

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