114 Lizard to Predannack Head

01 Bumble Rock, Lizard – Ruth’s coastal walk around the UK

Bumble Rock, Lizard - Ruth's coastal walk around the UK

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3 Responses to 01 Bumble Rock, Lizard – Ruth’s coastal walk around the UK

  1. Brian Williamson says:

    Anything about bumble rock being an ancient man-made owl please? Myself and a friend are researching it! Mr Brian Williamson

    • Oooh. Interesting. Yes, I thought it looked like a cat, but it does look like an owl too.

      Don’t know, I’m afraid, but I’ve posted this on the main blog page for this section in the hope that somebody else will see it and know: https://coastalwalker.co.uk/2013/06/30/114-lizard-to-predannack-head/#comment-13377

      • Brian Williamson says:

        Thank you very much Ruth! I’m a man and van who often spends a couple of days camping on The Lizard, I take goods to and from The West Country! Also interested in history! Ancient Celts were prolific in area (also Romans), Owl is associated with ancient Celtic God Arianrhod, taking passed souls to the beyond. Photos of rock from sea, sort of show owl taking off! All very weird and no other references to it being an owl, it’s clearly highly eroded now, but still signs of possible eyes beak and flat head and Owl shaped wings and legs, also sort of an alter underneath it!

        Many Thanks!
        Brian Williamson

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