246 aftermath – a day off

I wake up with early sunlight streaming through the window of my hotel room. The view over the Menai Straights is almost too beautiful to be real.

01 view from bedroom window, Ruth Livingstone, The Gazelle, Anglesey

In my hurry to take a photograph, I leap out of bed, and stumble to the floor. 

Owwww! I’d forgotten about my leg.

Funny how I was completely pain-free all night, and now I can barely hobble across the room.

Doctors are notoriously bad at self-diagnosis. My first thought is that I must have a deep vein thrombosis. But that would hurt all the time and my leg would be red and swollen, which it isn’t. It’s probably a stress fracture then from walking too much, or maybe it’s myeloma or an osteosarcoma or a malignant secondary cancer from somewhere or… (deep breath and calm down) … or maybe just a pulled muscle.

Sadly, I realise walking today is out of the question. I have two choices.

  1. Cancel the room I’ve booked for the next two nights, lose money, and drive home.
  2.  Do something today that doesn’t involve walking and hope my leg mends by tomorrow.

I decide on option (2) and do something I always meant to get around to doing one day if I ever had the chance. And now’s my chance. I decide to go for a ride on the Welsh Highland Railway.

It’s a glorious train journey, running from Caernarfon to Porthmadoc and passing through the incredible scenery of Snowdonia. The track takes you right under the shoulders of Snowdon (which today was covered in cloud) and through the most wonderful countryside. As the track curves around the slopes it’s possible to take a photo of the engine from my carriage window.

02 Welsh Highland train on Snowdon, Ruth Livingstone

It’s a five-hour round trip, with a 90 minute stopover in Porthmadoc, just long enough to limp to the pharmacy and buy some pain killers.

Limping was difficult yesterday, but I’m beginning to get the hang of it today. And I discover if I limp properly, I can now go down slopes without (much) pain. But going uphill… well that’s still very difficult.

Please leg, be better tomorrow.




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16 Responses to 246 aftermath – a day off

  1. baz says:

    Get well soon Ruth

  2. Jane Morgan says:

    I hope you managed to continue quickly. One of the big differences between your walk and ours is that we always take time out to do the ‘sights’. This is probably why we are progressing much more slowly!

  3. El D says:

    Hope your leg is soon better, Ruth. Love the photo of the mallard/boat, second right! I’m enjoying reading about your travels. Keep them coming!

  4. jcombe says:

    I very much enjoyed the mountain railway so glad you got to ride on it, but a shame about the circumstances that led to it.

  5. tonyhunt2016 says:

    You don’t even need to resort to Google to frighten yourself with various diagnoses! Trust it was just the pulled muscle.

    As I’ve got older I’ve been surprised how my walking/cycling performance has not yet dropped off. But one thing is for sure: I now need to stretch (gently, preferably after exercise) whereas before it wasn’t necessary.

    • Perhaps it is something I should be doing, Tony. Thank you for reminding me. I used to stretch in the early days of walking, because I was so stiff afterwards. As I got fitter, I got lazier about stretching.

  6. Marie Keates says:

    Injuries are, quite literally, a pain, but at least you did something productive. Nursing Commando and his broken leg (which even the doctors didn’t manage to diagnose for five weeks!) I’ve got very behind with my reading. Now he back to work and running so I’m slowly beginning to catch up.

  7. Fantastic! I’m really pleased to see you were able to experience the Welsh Highland Railway! 🙂

  8. Karen White says:

    Having gor up to date with your walks I found this post in your ‘miscellaneous’ section. The Welsh Highland Railway looks a fabulous way to spend a day off.

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