St Dogmaels

St Dogmaels is a special place for long-distance walkers. It marks the end (or the beginning) of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path.

My artist in residence, the talented Tim Baynes, has captured this place, which overlooks the Teifi estuary. The path marker is just visible in the foreground. Wonderful.

St Dogmaels-gif

I love the way the lines extend beyond the colour washes, and the words written around the edges.

Here is the blog post where I described the walk.

To see more of Tim Baynes’ work, please visit Tim’s website or his blog Random Creativity.


5 Responses to St Dogmaels

  1. lizziwake says:

    I’ve been following your progress on Twitter, but only just seen your ‘artist in residence’ section on your blog – fabulous! I love the looseness of the watercolour and the energy of the work. What a wonderful idea. I’m walking the Wales Coast Path at the moment – also in sections – also ‘just for fun’ – and am doing my own sketches of the route. But this takes art to another level! I see you’re at the Wirral – I’m about to return to Barmouth heading south. It looks like a lovely stretch of inland & coastal walking 😃
    All the best for the rest of your jaunt, Liz

    • Hi Lizzi, the paintings are fabulous aren’t they. So lucky to have ‘met’ Tim, via the Internet. I’m sure you’re loving the Wales Coast Path and if you stop to sketch along the way I don’t know how you get any walking done! Do you have a blog? It would be lovely to see your work. And, yes, the walking south of Barmouth is wonderful. I know you’ll enjoy it. BW, Ruth

  2. lizziwake says:

    Hi Ruth. I don’t have a ‘live’ blog, but my ‘dormant’ one can be found here:
    I want to create a new one to better reflect the way I’d like to present writing/photos/drawings when I’ve a little more time. I’ve just begun that process by creating a small portfolio website:
    to showcase some of my sketches. When I’m walking I tend to do very quick sketches that capture a ‘sense’ of a place but have little detail. I often do more work on them from memory in the evenings. And I keep a written journal too. I’ll let you know when I get my new blog off the ground😃

    It’s lovely to have a walking ‘project’ to keep returning to. Maybe I will just keep going when I’ve looped Wales (I’ve already done Offas Dyke!). How far are you hoping to get on your present excursion?

    • Wow, Lizzi, your drawings are amazing. As an very, very amateur artist, I know how difficult it is to catch a scene so simply with just a few pen strokes. You’re very talented.
      I’ve just got back from walking around the Wirral coast. Will write up the first installment today.

      • lizziwake says:

        Thank you. I’m just starting to market myself as an illustrator – for the fun of trying rather than as an income. Who knows..
        I’ll look forward to reading your next post. It’s been great reading up on the Wales Coast, albeit in reverse!

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